Coolest bike part ever: Trevor Schmidt PA-C

This past weekend I loaded my boys in the bike trailer with some water and snacks.  We were all set for another  “boys adventure”.  At least that is what we call it when my boys and I go do something together.  We have gone bowling, to their favorite playgrounds etc.  We really were not sure where we were going this time.  Since we are doing so much remodeling in our house right now, my wife was busy painting baseboards and crown molding.  She really needed the kids to be out of her hair and the paint!

So off we went.  Right near our house is a wash.  Back in LA where I grew up, the washes are disgusting cement trenches to funnel the water away from the residential areas in the San Fernando Valley area.  Here in our area, this wash was AMAZING! It was more like a park doing double duty as a wash. There were newly paved running trails, a really cool playground for the boys and my favorite a HUGE bike park.  There was a large area of dirt reserved for bike jumps.  I have never seen anything like it before.  It was so well maintained that it looked like it belonged at some X-games practice arena.

bike park

Can’t wait until by boys are a little older and can give this local gem a try


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2013-9-16 Trevor Schmidt: Dylan’s first day of First Grade!

This school year my son Dylan is going to start first grade.  In addition to a new class he is also going to a new school.  We went to the orientation a few days prior and he was very excited.

My wife got the boys ready extra early that first day of school so we could take a few pictures to document the event.  Dylan gets to wear a uniform now which makes everything seem more important.  Since starting the school year my wife and I have both noticed how well he is reading and keep up with his classwork.  We also seems somehow more willing to get his homework done this year.  Hopefully these habits continue.boys first day 2013

In the photos, our little boy Wyatt was trying to steal the show as usual.  It is just crazy how different my two boys are.  I can see myself in each of them, but then there is just that part that makes them so unique.

I just couldn’t be prouder as a dad.

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MyShape Lipo – Trevor Schmidt

We are fortunate to have a boat.  It was given to me by my father almost two years ago.  It has been in the family for years and is the same boat that I used to use for family trips to the lake when I was in high school.

Due to the boat we had to install a hitch to the back of our vehicle.  Being only a 4 cylinder, out current vehicle can pull the boat, but that is about it.  If we wanted to tow it along with enough to camp with for a few days camping on the lake, it would struggle up the hills.  We took it out a few times last summer and luckily we didn’t have any incidents.

My wife and I have been talking about getting a new vehicle that is capable of towing more weight.  Having the boat is a privilege, but it requires a bit if maintenance and powerful vehicles to tow it.

Having chosen our new ride we are debating on having a skin put on it.  MyShape Lipo is  becoming more and more well known in and out of the country, but we want all of our neighbors to know about us too!  Las Vegas and the Henderson area deserves to know about our great deals and the amazing results that we provide to our patients every day.

We talk about logo recognition all  of the time and we are happy with the logo that MyShape Lipo has now,  but designing a skin for a vehicle is another story.    We need something eye catching, and colorful with out being too busy.  The search continues.

by Trevor Schmidt PA-C Liposuction Specialist at MyShape Lipo of Las Vegas


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My Race car Drivers

I think that it is just about every little boy’s dream to be a race car driver.  There is something irresistible about the thrill of the speed and the power involved.  My oldest Dylan, has expressed interest in racing one day.  My wife laughs at me but I take his interest seriously and I want to do what I can to make his dream come true.  At least to the point when he has tried racing and can decide whether or not it is something he wants to pursue.

Race carts 1-2013


Last spring we got a quad for Dylan.  He can be kind of shy and reserved so we wanted him to have something to feel confident about.  He really liked the electric quad that wee got him. My wife loved the fact that it is electric not gas, so it doesn’t stink up the garage.  What we were surprised about was how easily our two year old took to driving the quad.  He has such a great hand-eye coordination. It is a little crazy to watch such a little kid control a quad so well.

Race carts 2 1-2013


Since Wyatt my two year old kind of took over the quad, I decided that Dylan needed something else to race on.  Dylan calls it his race cart, but it is actually a go-cart or a drifter.  The front wheels have more traction than the back wheels, so when you turn out it drifts.  He is actually getting pretty good at it. I am one proud Dad.


I just measured Dylan my 6 year old the other day.  He is close to 48 inches which he needs to be in order to race the go-carts at an indoor track.  I myself can’t wait to try it.

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Dylan and his sword

Over the holiday break when we had some great snow time, we came across some rather impressive icicles.  The snow way melting just enough to created these thick, long very strong icicles.  Both my boys were excited about getting their hands on them, and so were their cousins.  My wife was concerned that they could hurt themselves with them since they were so sharp and strong.

The first issue was how to get to them with out hurting anyone.  They were still attached to the side of the house when we found them.  I found Dylan’s older cousins trying to knock them down with a shovel, by throwing the shovel up in the air.  Since they are not very agile in the snow, they really could have hurt themselves using that method. My wife was cringing, but I was able to knock down a few using the shovel which I could control a lot better.

I made sure to keep a close eye on all the boys with their new treasures.  I think as young boys they get a sense of power or importance when they hold something sword-like.  Dylan pretty much demanded that I take a picture of him and his sword.

Dylan and his sword

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Visit from a good friend

I have said it before and I will say it again, Vegas is the place to live if you want your friend’s and family to visit you.  One of my really good friends who lives near San Diego California visited last weekend with his kids.  His wife was out of the country visiting family, so he took the time to come and visit.  Unfortunately I was working part of the time that he was here, so there wasn’t as much quality time as I would have liked.

Luckily his two kids get along really well with mine, so for the most part each of our older boys entertained each other the whole time.  My older son Dylan has been asking when we can see his friend again.  I love it when kids really have a connection.

One of the nights that he was visiting here, we met up with another one of our friends at the Mandalay Bay for a reunion of sorts.  We ended up in the MIX LOUNGE on the 64th floor of the hotel casino.  The view was amazing as you can see.

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Red Lobster

Growing up we really didn’t go out very often.  Partly because my mom is a really good cook and she loved to make all sorts of things.  My favorites are the chicken enchiladas.     In our house now, we try to do the same.  Partly because going out to eat with two little boys is more trouble than its worth.  I personally like spicy food and my boys are definitely not fans of spicy.

When we go out to eat, it is a toss up if the boys will eat or not when we get there.  Occasionally we bring something from home that we know that they will eat, but we are trying to get the boys to eat what is in front of them.  The outcome is not always worth the battle.

A few weeks ago we went to Red Lobster for dinner after being out of the house all day.  My wife and I were a little skeptical, neither of us had been to Red Lobster in probably 10 years.  We were pleasantly surprised, and the price wasn’t anything to complain about either.  The boys were relatively well behaved so we enjoyed both the food and the experience.

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Trevor Schmidt and the Mermaid

A sight that we were not expecting to see was a Mermaid in a Casino.  While doing some shopping in the Bass Pro Shops, we decided to get some lunch in the Silverado Casino which is attached.  Just as we entered the Casino from the store there was a huge fish tank on our right.  Aside from the variety of fish, rays and corral, there was a Mermaid in the tank!  The young lady was of course dressed in a bikini top and had a mermaid tail on, but she was very convincing for the kids that were crowding around.  She did a good job of flipping and blowing air bubble kisses to the kids.  I think that my son Dylan actually blushed when she blew him a kiss.

There was a tube that she was getting air from every 30 seconds or so, and there was a man in the shadows nearby in a scuba getup, ready to help if there was a problem.  Overall if was a very cool sight to see.  Only in Vegas..

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Bass Pro Shops

A couple of our friends are a little obsessed with Bass Pro Shops.  When we visited them at the end of September we were introduced to Bass Pro Shops.  The number of quality stuffed creatures large and small in these shops is quite remarkable.  The inside looks like an elaborate log cabin with everything that you could possibly imagine that you would need, to hunt, fish, camp, boat or any outdoor activity.

We have driven by the Bass Pro Shops in Las Vegas countless times, but have never visited before this weekend.  This one in particular is very large, with two floors and a huge atrium, it is absolutely impressive.  Both shops that we visited had an enormous fish tank for shoppers to stare at.  There were even rows of chairs set up in front of the fish tank so that those waiting for shoppers could get comfortable.

Of course my boys had to get up close to the tank and see the fish for themselves.  As you can see the size of the fish are impressive, dwarfing my 2 year old Wyatt.

I love Christmas decorations. I convinced my wife to put up ours last weekend and we are still a week away from Thanksgiving.  Well it seems that we are not the only one’s prepared for Christmas, because Bass Pro Shops had their lights up as well.  Maybe we are right on time. My wife was commenting in August that she already saw Halloween decorations displayed in the stores. I suppose the big retail stores find enough reason to    start celebrating every holiday earlier and earlier each year. I just like to make Christmas last longer.

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Wyatt isn’t a baby anymore.

I took my boys to an indoor play area this weekend. I took a picture of Wyatt playing with the basketball hoop in the ball pit area. I texted the photo to my mom, who was shocked at how big he is now.

She came with us to the same indoor play area about a year and a half ago and Wyatt was barely even walking then.  We is definitely not a baby anymore.  She went on to tell me about when I was little, how similar I was to how Wyatt is now.  No fear, just go go go!

My dad used to tell everyone this story of when my family went skiing one year and had to put me in the daycare because I was too little to ski.  There were no cell phones back then, so they had to announce on the loud speaker, that my parents had to come and pick me up since I was too much of a handful for them.  I never thought that I would ever want to hear that story again.. But now I’d give almost anything to hear him tell someone again.  Strange how much things can change when we loose someone.

Everyone who sees my boys tells me how much Dylan (my almost 6 year old) looks so much like me and that Wyatt looks so much like my wife Coryn.  Its funny how it is the opposite personality-wise.  Dylan’s disposition is more like my wife’s and Wyatt acts so much like I did when I was little. He is such a bruiser, he can run right into a wall and get up laughing with a big bump on his head.  Kids, gotta love them!

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